September 7, 2013

Faith, hope and love when intertwined

Release us from the cords that bind;

When these combine as three in one

There’s nought can bring the soul undone.

Faith must come first–the centre piece

Fed by His Word its strands increase

In strength to carry through each doubt–

All fabrications must get out.

Where faith is certain, hope controls

It weaves itself through heart and soul

Each aspect of our life renews,

Anxiety and fear excludes.

Such faith and hope now formed within

Bears witness to the world of men;

What Christ has done in changing me

Through love outworking, others see.

Love is the strand God’s Spirit weaves

Through which the world at large perceives

The mighty change that God has done

In one now trusting in His Son.

Faith, hope and love are intertwined

A threefold cord that God designed;

His Spirit braids each strand in place–

A work of His amazing grace.


Wolf at Large

February 9, 2012

Emergent preacher truth drip-feeds
To congregation choked by weeds,
He fashions ‘god’ to their felt needs,
Avoids the Truth when truth impedes
And measures worth by what succeeds.

He mouths the words of proper creeds
And verses out of context reads,
He tickles ears and ego feeds,
For tithes most eloquently pleads
With promised wealth from ‘planted seeds’.

Beware the wolf whose faith is greed!
Who would for gain God’s Word concede,
By crafty guile the sheep mislead;
Don’t give him half a moment’s heed
Get out of there with lightning speed!

It’s not the wool that tells the breed;
Good looks can blind and thus impede
Good sense from judging grain from weed,
But from the hearts of all proceed
What’s good or bad—It’s guaranteed.

The man God sends will not exceed
The Word of Truth and Spirit’s lead
But teach and feed as God’s decreed
(‘New truth’ can’t Scripture supercede)
His heart and mouth with Christ’s agreed.

Perhaps a Gift

December 12, 2011

How many people ’round the earth
Give little thought to Jesus’ birth?
Maybe at Christmas time they’re stirred
To contemplate on what they’ve heard–
To ponder these things in their heart?

Perhaps amidst the twinkling lights
They’ll catch a dim and fleeting sight
Of Someone they once heard about
Once cherished hope now dulled by doubt–
A Child who came one Christmas night?

Perhaps the songs of carolers
Some sentiment of comfort stirs
As they recall sweet childhood joys,
A memory doubt can’t destroy
Of songs once sung which time now blurs?

Maybe they’ll see in giving gifts
Some hint of love their spirit lifts,
For love can soften hardened hearts:
Could season’s kindness play a part
In pointing to the Greatest Gift?

Perhaps the Gift of God they’ll find
Hid in the customs of these times,
The gift of everasting life
Which God provides in Jesus Christ–
A Gift to which they’ve long been blind!!

What is Truth?

November 9, 2011

What is truth? proud Pilate mused
Contemplating condemnation
While in his court stood Truth accused
As deceiver of the nation–
An unfounded accusation.

Found no fault yet had Him slain–
Took the path of least resistance;
Expedience to truth’s disdain
Would appease the mob’s insistence–
Truth drowned out by their persistence.

What is truth? You must decide;
It’s life’s great consideration–
If Christ was Truth personified
To accomplish man’s salvation
Truth’s rejection brings damnation!

The truth of God is absolute,
No subtraction or addition,
Though men may lie and convolute
With new scheme or definition
Truth has only One edition.

Faithful Shepherd

February 21, 2011

The shepherd goes before the sheep,
They meekly follow close behind,
To meadows green and pastures deep,
For by His steps their way’s defined.

At times the pastures turn to dust,
The hardened ground is sparse and bare,
Their faithful minder has their trust,
They know for sure he’ll get them there.

In heat and cold he watches them,
Through seasons friendly and hostile,
He looks on them as one with him,
He shares with them through every trial.

Onward he leads to waters still,
A place of peaceful rest and calm,
They quench their thirst, they drink their fill
In quiet comfort safe from harm.

When little helpless lambs are born,
With tender care he nurses them
Through sleepless night to frosty morn;
They always can rely on him.

From fearsome wolf and roaring lion
The faithful shepherd guards his own;
He’d lay his life upon the line
That they might all come safely home.

Christ Jesus used the shepherd’s role
To illustrate His heart of love—
The Lord and Shepherd of our souls
Would always lead, He never drove.


February 8, 2011

Thunderous look, his wild eyes all ablaze
So like boiling green seas
On black stormy days,
Wild raging bull rearing out of control—
What fearsome unease
Is steering his soul?

Locals avoid him, they fear the unknown,
They’re afraid—he’s so strange
They stay in their homes;
Dwelling in tombs, he’s cold, naked, unfed;
To the living–deranged—
No threat to the dead.

Sees One approaching, he races to meet,
Bows his head to adore
At Christ Jesus’ feet;
Deep from within him an agonised shout,
Demon forces implore
They not be cast out.

Cast into swine by God’s powerful Word,
Rushing headlong to drown,
Two thousand strong herd;
Neighbourhood pleads He departs from their land—
Prefer devils they’ve known
To God here as Man?

Legion delivered is sitting and dressed,
In mind fully restored
Who long was possessed,
Chosen by Christ as a witness to men—
Now the stranger abhorred
Speaks new life to them.

Often the Saviour commissions the weak,
Through the world’s most despised
He chooses to speak,
Showing no favour to haughty and great—
Could be angels disguised
Who beg at our gate!

Sword of Truth

January 23, 2011

The regime continues on
Though the child of peace is gone;
He held a sign up–‘Peace’! it said,
Before a tank–now he is dead;
‘Democracy’! the spokesman said.

‘All men are equal’, one insists,
‘Comrades all, pure socialists’;
But when their day of rule had come
Disenfranchised everyone,
Enforced their writ by sword and gun.

In ‘Mein Kampf’ dark thoughts unfurled
Are foisted on a clueless world;
Swastikas line city streets,
Masses throng when Hitler speaks–
His sword and pen destruction wreaks.

Mass graves bear sober testament,
Which scribes and poets sore lament;
Dupes of war by dogmas led,
Lands destroyed and millions dead–
Since Eden’s fall the earth’s run red.

Swords arise in every age,
Impose their will through wrath and rage;
Pens of men though good intend
Can’t reverse the deathward trend–
War’s appointed ’till the end.

All vain philosophies of pen
Are birthed in natures ruled by sin;
Pens submitted to the Lord
Bowed before His holy Word
Know His pen’s the Spirit’s Sword.

Sword of the Spirit pierces depths
Where secrets of the heart are kept,
Separates twixt heart and soul,
Makes repentant sinners whole–
God’s pen and sword achieve their goal.


January 9, 2011

In dream I saw an open book
Whose pages long had lain unread;
I felt the urge to take a look-
The bookmark said, ‘Your daily bread’.

I picked it up with nervous hands
Maybe fearing what I’d find,
Little knowing then the bands
That bound me captive, heart and mind.

With reticence I read at first-
Could these depicted things be so?
Creation! Fall! The awful curse!-
Was so much there I didn’t know!

The flood! Babel! then Abraham!
My mind was boggled with the news,
God gave His written Law to man,
He pledged salvation through the Jews!

Much sacrifice and temple rite,
Shed blood of bulls and goats and rams-
From sin and evil no respite
‘Till there would come the Promised Lamb!

Up to this point I only saw
Men’s failings, falls and sinfulness,
While everywhere God’s written Law
Demanded final just redress.

But then He came—Immanuel,
Of virgin mother, manger-born,
Came to the land of Israel-
Almighty God in human form.

He trod the land from east to west-
Disease and darkness fled His sight,
He raised the dead, the children blessed,
Demon powers put to flight.

I saw Him as He climbed that hill,
Bleeding, battered, bent and scorned;
It broke my heart to see man kill
The greatest Person ever born.

The emptiness, the sheer despair-
A shroud of hopelessness descends-
Evil’s ruling everywhere-
We’ve murdered Him! Where will it end?

Who moved the stone? The tomb is bare!
No lifeless body to be found;
The empty garments lying there
Suggest a mystery profound.

For God has plans that far transcend
The feeble thoughts of worldly wise—
Through death the reign of death will end,
The death of Christ brings Hell’s demise!

His resurrection from the dead
Breaks the curse of Eden’s fall;
Wrath due to us He took instead—
Oh the wonder of it all!

My dream’s become reality,
On things above my vision’s set
‘Gainst backdrops of eternity
Anticipating wonders yet.

Prayer Place

December 21, 2009

His Father’s house, a prayer place,
Where men were meant to worship Him,
Where those from every tribe and race,
Could come and pray and seek His face,
Now bustled loud with raucous din.

In righteous anger Christ expelled
The traffickers who bought and sold;
His holy heart by zeal impelled,
Irreverential trade He quelled–
A zeal the Word of God foretold.

Our hearts become exclusive space
If we by faith are found in Christ;
He’s purposed in this age of grace
To make our hearts His dwelling place–
The temple of His Spirit’s life.

Should not the temple then be clean
Of merchandise that would defile?–
Profanities and things obscene
Should never reign, be even seen–
Cast out the things that would beguile!

May we respond with righteous ire
When traffickers entice our soul;
May we with zealousness aspire
To guard our hearts with holy fire–
Then fruitful lives would Christ extol.

A prayer place my soul shall be,
A house of constant peace and rest,
A home of holy harmony,
A foretaste of eternity,
Indwelt by my Beloved Guest.

The Hour is Late

September 24, 2009

‘Wise’ men propose to soon impose
Their agenda for progression;
They’re all convinced it makes good sense–
Borrow more to beat recession!

For climate change, it’s all arranged–
There’s a guaranteed solution–
All parading ‘carbon trading’
As a fix for world pollution!

The great arms race now taking place
Is foreboding conflagrations,
But yet they trade and masquerade
As ‘peacemakers’ of the nations!

Who counts it gain when babes are slain
With governmental blessing?
Is ‘mercy death’ the next concept–?
What!! And we think we are progressing!!

Get on our knees with urgent pleas
Before judgement overtakes us,
That God would grant repentant hearts,
That His mercy won’t forsake us.